PENUMBUHAN KELOMPOK USAHA PUPUK KOMPOS (Studi Kasus Di Gapoktan Tirtomulyo Kalurahan Tirtomulyo Kapanewon Kretek Kabupaten Bantul)

Ziman, Muhammad (2021) PENUMBUHAN KELOMPOK USAHA PUPUK KOMPOS (Studi Kasus Di Gapoktan Tirtomulyo Kalurahan Tirtomulyo Kapanewon Kretek Kabupaten Bantul). Masters thesis, Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian Yogyakarta.

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Abstract The study aims to determine technological innovations, market potential and opportunities, and empowerment models to support the growth of compost fertilizer business groups at Tirtomulyo Gapoktan. This study was conducted from November 2020 to June 2021 at Tirtomulyo Gapoktan, Tirtomulyo Village, Kretek District, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The study using a qualitative descriptive method. The determination of location and sample of informants was carried out by purposive sampling. Data was collected by using triangulation techniques and FGD (Focuss Group Discussion) which were then analyzed by means of comparative effort analysis (Benchmarking). The results of the study indicate that the technological innovations are implemented from Tricho Kompos Organic Fertilizer Business so as to produce trichoderma compost products supported by the availability of raw materials and sources from livestock owners, while the equipment needed is not yet available and the majority of farmers do not know the process of producing fertilizers from fermentation to storage. The potential that can be developed from the Tirtomulyo Gapoktan includes the number of livestock, the construction of communal cages, the absence of provisions for selling compost, production locations, procurement of production equipment, affordable compost prices, determining product plans and production capacity according to field conditions, as well as determining human resources as needed, while the opportunities that can be exploited include product laboratory tests, market segments, promotions, product distribution, and partnerships. Based on the results of the study, an empowerment design was held through extension activities with the aim of increasing the knowledge and attitudes of farmers about the production of trichoderma compost. Based on the extention that has been done, the results showed that there was an increase in the knowledge aspect by 44% and the attitude aspect by 41%. Key word : Growing, Business Group, Compost

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Jurusan Pertanian > Prodi Penyuluhan Pertanian Berkelanjutan
Depositing User: Ririn Indriyati
Date Deposited: 28 Dec 2021 06:45
Last Modified: 28 Dec 2021 06:45

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